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Why You Should Get Your College Apps in Before Winter Break

Posted By Leah Kaminsky


There are only two types of high school seniors: those who are still scrambling to get those college apps in, and this girl. And, well, everyone in between, so maybe there are three types.

Regardless, if you’re firmly the first type and you have fantasies about knocking out those last applications over winter break, allow me to disillusion you...cheerfully!

1. Um...Most of the Deadlines Will Have Passed By Then
While some colleges do accept applications in early January and sometimes even into February, most stick to an early or mid-December hard deadline. What’s more, if the schools to which you’re applying have what’s called rolling acceptance -- meaning, they accept people as they come in, rather than waiting until they’ve received the whole batch to make final calls -- you’re already at a severe disadvantage. Get ‘em in already!

2. You Need Time to Think Things Out
If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times: the best college applications take time and thought, especially when it comes to the college essay. You’re not going to devise the world’s most unique, authentic, and downright brilliant college admissions essay when you’re having a panic attack in the living room because you can’t be a genius on cue.

3. Help Goes on Vacation
Not us here at JustStartApplications.com http://www.juststartapplications.com/ (it’s true, we have no lives!), but some help. Namely, the guidance counselors and teachers from whom you need to gather recommendations, that English teacher you were hoping would give your essay a final look, the admissions counselors who would otherwise be available to answer requirement questions, and...just about anyone who could help you.

4. Your Friends Will Start Gloating
Not only will they tell you five times a day that they’ve beaten you to the submit button, but they’re also sure to receive acceptance letters before you, at which point more gloating will only be natural. Meanwhile, you’ll be waiting. And waiting. And waiting.

5. It’s Winter Break! Don’t You Want to Have FUN?
Come on, you’re seventeen! Possibly eighteen! Possibly eleven if you’re a kid genius! Don’t you want to sit back, relax, and watch cheesy holiday movies? Get your college applications done already, and go sledding!

The best way to get your college applications done today? Book yourself a strategy appointment with Jamie or an admissions essay appointment with Leah and get going!

Why You Should Get Your College Apps in Before Winter Break

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Why You Should Get Your College Apps in Before Winter Break

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