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WHO AM I? Or: Finding Things to Write for Your College Essay

Posted By Leah Kaminsky



You've been sitting at your computer for hours now trying to write your college essay, yet gibberish (see above) is all that seems to come out. You know you're an interesting person with lots to say, it's just hard to figure out how to, well, say that. There are so many things you could focus on, so many topics, so many techniques. It's enough to make a kid explode.

Simmer down now.  This is no time to have an identity crisis.  That’s what your forties are for, and you’ll have graduated from a great college by then!  The best way to get those thoughts a’brewin’ is to talk, talk TALK, both to the people around you and to yourself. Yes, even if that makes you look like a crazy person. Here are some approaches to get that brain a stormin'.


Ask your FRIENDS to: 

  1. Describe you 
  2. Recount funny incidents 
  3. Remind you of your favorite things

Ask your PARENTS: 

  1. Their favorite stories from when you were young
  2. How they will remember you
  3. How they think of you (can they describe you with a few adjectives?)
  4. What they think your strengths and weaknesses are

 Ask YOU. Pretend you're an interviewer:

  1. Ask yourself what kind of activities you’re interested in
  2. What it was like to grow up in your town
  3. What was your most meaningful vacation
  4. Which extracurriculars are your favorite. 
  5. Really probe just like a real interviewer.  Ask HOW and WHY, not just WHAT.

Or, have a friend or family member interview you, using those same questions.

No matter what you do, take great notes, and remember that ALL of these are good ideas right now.  Pay attention to the topics that really get you talking.  And if there’s anything that gets you sweating, even better!  Just remember to sponge it off…

Check back next Tuesday for more ideas on, well, getting those ideas. In the meantime, happy brainstorming!

Leah Kaminsky is the founder and head writing specialist at Just Start Applications. She’s been writing since before she was born (that’s right, it’s possible!) and has over a decade of experience helping students and business people tell their stories using their authentic voice. Check out her full bio here and contact us today for help getting into the college, graduate school or medical school of your choice. Feel free also to send any extra Chinese food you might have lying around. Here at Just Start Applications, we believe no day is complete without a good dose of General Tsao and his delicious chicken.


WHO AM I? Or: Finding Things to Write for Your College Essay

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WHO AM I? Or: Finding Things to Write for Your College Essay Can't figure out what to write for your college essay? Just Start Applications takes you through a can't beat brainstorming process.

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