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Magical Mystery Tour: College Edition

Posted By Leah Kaminsky


Beware:  A t-shirt clad race of cheerful backwards-walkers with incredible voice projection is about to become a part of your life.  DO NOT FEED.

That’s right, folks, it’s college visiting season!  We’ll assume that you already know that it is pretty important to visit a college before you decide to go there (if not, never fear, we’ll run a post on that topic too) if at all possible. 

College admissions tour guides (see above) are very knowledgeable about the campus -- they literally know the place backwards and forwards, so they are a great resource to rapid fire ask some questions.  But we’ve found that a largely untapped treasure trove of information about colleges and universities are...drumroll...other students who go there who do not work for admissions!

If you can politely corner one of these treasures on his way to class and he happens to have a few minutes to chat, here are some questions that you might think of asking:

1.  How easy is it to get into classes here? Are you always on a waitlist?
2.  What is a typical Saturday night like here?
3.  I don’t want to join a frat or sorority.  Will I have other options?
4.  I do want to join a frat or sorority. How much is that a part of the culture here?
5.  Which dorm has the best food?
6.  Do you feel like faculty members are accessible to undergrads?
7.  Do you know a lot of people who have transferred?  If so, why? Have they ever been seen again?
8.  Will I be able to watch Breaking Bad here or will I have to go home every week to do so?
8.  How many of your classes, on average, are seminars versus big lectures?
9.  Tell me the truth:  Will I need a car? Admissions keeps saying there is great public transportation, but I’m not so sure.
10.  Readers -- we’ll leave #10 up to you -- what would you ask this poor cornered student in your quest to learn everything there is to know about Your Choice University?

We’d love to hear all about your college visit experiences -- the good, the bad, the weird, the long family car-rides... we’re all ears!


Jamie Oldham is a college admissions coach for Just Start Applications, and a pretty great gal, too. While her interests are varied (she does have a higher degree in Liberal Arts, after all), one of her great life's passions is helping students and parents through the admissions process, doling out great college and graduate school admissions tips along the way. Check out her full bio here and contact us today to get her on your team.


Magical Mystery Tour: College Edition

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Magical Mystery Tour: College Edition Sure, that campus looks nice on their webpage, but will it really be like in person? Just Start Applications' very own Jamie Oldham takes us through the what, why and how of campus college visits.

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