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Essay Consulting

Whether you’ve got an idea and just need a little push to get you going or are paralyzed by the very thought of this essay, we’re here to help you write a killer essay, wherever you are.  Contact us for more details.

College Counseling

We offer comprehensive college counseling services with seasoned industry professionals.  Contact us for more details and start working with us remotely.

Writing Help

From getting started to crafting the perfect thesis statement to polishing it up, we’re to help.  Using online tools, we work with all ages, from elementary schoolers to PhD students.

Job Applications

Make your job application stand out from the crowd with a cover letter, resume and bio that tell the compelling story of you.


“I had an amazing experience working with Leah on a college application essay. She helped me edit and polish my work so that I could express myself and what I had to say in the best way possible. It was gratifying and rewarding to be able to submit an essay that I was proud of and truly expressed who I was. I have Leah to thank for helping me get into the college of my dreams!”

- Berkeley-bound Seattleite

Apply to college. Apply to graduate school. Apply to jobs. All from the comfort of your couch.

Feel like your college, graduate, medical school or job applications are going to eat you alive? Don't let 'em. We here at Just Start Applications believe in you. We know you're right on the verge of achieving your dreams.

That's why we offer in-depth coaching and editing to anybody in the world with an internet connection. If you can access Skype and Google Docs, you can access us.

Contact us today so we can help you:

  1. Sort through college and graduate program choices and manage your applications

  2. Write killer personal statements

  3. Construct tight, compelling resumes, bios and cover letters that will snag the attention of recruiters

  4. Grow your business with interesting, varied, well-researched web copy and content.

  5. Learn how to Dougie

Just kidding on that last one. You're probably way better than us. 


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